Sunday, June 20, 2010

Make Me Famous (Again)!!!: Anger Prompts Reponse

Make Me Famous (Again)!!!: Anger Prompts Reponse

Anger Prompts Reponse

So 5 days into my 13 month countdown to regain my SUPER STARDOM and get PAID for it.. and I'm learning that if you TRULY want to get a rise out of people you have to find a way to prompt anger.. now it doesn't have to be intentional anger.. If you do something great people just say .. "that's great".. if you do something stupid people just say "that was stupid".. if you do something funny.. people just laugh.. BUT if you do something and it happens to ANGER people... WHOA.. People comment.. boycott, foward it to friends.. repost it.. and comment some more.. and before you know it.. you have a viral hit on your hands..

What to do what to do.. LOL...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"I Want To Know What Love Is" Parody

Almost Day 3

So as we go into Day 3 of my journey.. I realize my father was right.. "if you want something done right you've got to do it YOURSELF!!!"...

I had this ephiany today as I was jogging down Ventura Blvd. in the desert heat. with a coolant reservior and a toolbelt in my back pack.. So that I could get to Pep Boys before they closed.. and get my car out.. so I could put this 25 dollar plastic water holder in myself.. avoiding the 103.00 labor charge Pep Boys would charge... LOL..

God I wish I had a camera crew.. PLEASE.. let me document this stuff..

Other than that.. I pulled together the "I Want To Know What Love Is".. parody.. which I did SANS any help.. from anyone but myself..

If I could ONLY clone myself I would RULE the world.. But in a Good Witch Glenda way.. not in a Hilter way..

So now that I have my wheels back.. I'm excited about Day 3 and can't wait to KICK some BOOTEY.. this weekend..

I'm off for a salt bath now.. my glutes ache.. (and not in the good way either..)


Day One

Day 1 on my quest to reclaim stardom that is rightfully mine.. and all is well …

Discipline seems to be the key for the day.. you can’t just THINK about something.. you’ve got to get off your ASS... getup and DO IT.. YO.. !!!

So this morning I arose extra early to get a jump on the day.. it was work out first.. shower, make up and hair.. send out some press kits.. e-mails.. and then off to film footage for my NEW video.. a parody of “I Want Know What Love Is”.. which I’ve aptly titled “I Want Know Who My Mama Is”…

Then after that it was sitting down to convert the footage and edit.. and having to DISCIPLINE myself not to JACK AROUND.. and instead be productive.. Keeping in mind.. “Must FOCUS”.. Must FOCUS”… Cause if you DON’T follow through on YOUR ideas.. then somebody else will.. So get off your ASS and get to it.. YO!!!!

Check back for the finished product of “I Want To Know Who My Mama Is”…

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MAKE ME FAMOUS.... again

Hi Taters...

So in a lifetime not so long ago, I graced a different stage nightly with artists like EmmyLou Harris, Rosanne Cash, Pam Tillis, Shelby Lynne, Wynonna Judd, super kewl blue grass band Nickel Creek and many MANY more... Me and my guitar against the world...

Waking up every morning in a different town with different people, doing 5am sound checks and scaring the BeJesus out of the locals.. was the way I spent a good chunk of my early 20's

I had songs on the radio, a publishing deal, albums after albums.. and then like a bad chapter in an unauthorized Britney Spears novel I some where along the line became my mother and fell in LOVE... (yes people I have a heart).. I put my life on hold for the LOVE of another and now I am one pissed off Bitch.. who aim's to reclaim her thrown of stardom before the clock strokes midnight.

So I thought I would share my panties and adventures with the world.. and as I reclaim not ONLY myself but my star power as well.

So 13 months from now I WILL have regained my stature in the pantheon of stars that I once had.. My place at the table amongst the celestial beings will no longer be occupied by anyone but ME.. I am going to have to rip the dollar store weave out of what ever Demi-God is currently sitting in my spot and like a low budget Lou Albano female wrestling match.. I will arise sweaty, oily and bloody but the WINNER of my place at the table of stars.!!

It is high time someone put the celibate in Celebrity..

So grab a seat, a bottle, hunker down and pray for daylight.. Sissy Debut is BACK!!!!