Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Day Dawning!

Happy 2012 (almost) all my LOVED ones and what a YEAR this
has been eh? I’m writing my year end “wrap
up” after being inspired for years by a friend of mine who has a friend that
ALWAYS sends a similar letter each year. I though it was such a lovely notion
thus I’m starting my own tradition.

So what was new this year? Well THIS year has been full of growth
and enlightenment that at sometimes has been overwhelming, but nonetheless a
necessity in this physical experience we call LIFE.

The year started out with having to say goodbye to WONDERFUL
soul mates that had to move away on their path, teaching me the lesson of
loving from afar, and it continued with learning how to be able to release
people and projects as God ended old things to made way for new ones.

Sometimes I believe we get so attached to our
comfort zones and the people and things in it, that we hold on for dear life
and in doing so perhaps delay things our Creator may want for us.
This year, the main theme seemed to have been SIMPLIFY!

With the economy, change in the climate of artistic expression
and general demeanor of society, I was given the opportunity
to focus on the blessings and miracles we (as a society) have begun to take for

There are so many things that we truly don’t need, and so many things
we do need we forget we actually couldn’t do without.
For instance, I have a body that functions properly (for the most part…LOL).

I did not go hungry this year.
I can see and hear all the beauty this world has to offer.
I have shelter to come home to every night and most all I have
WONDERFUL people that LOVE and CARE for me and my well-being.

As I keep on the road of aligning my spiritual self with my physical self, I have been so thankful to God for a SUPPORTIVE family and AMAZING friends that uplift and support me LOVINGLY and GENUINELY and that is (to quote MasterCard)….. PRICELESS.

I think as a human race we are getting much closer to how we will live in the
life after this, (sorry all my non-believer friends you should have KNOWN it
was coming at some point… LOL) a life without judgment, without the physical,
without gender, without human limitations and only LOVE in one accord.

I/We head into 2012 with such potential and possibility that just to think of
it is WONDEROUS and MAGNIFICENT and I hope all of that WONDER finds its way to
you. If nothing else, I wish for you in the coming year(s), it’s to keep with you
that every moment is PRECIOUS and FLEETING and that as long as you are willing your path will be shown to you….. ALWAYS.

God Bless and PEACE and LOVE always be in your HEART.