Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Words.....

Ughh.. Okay.. So how many times.. does it happen.. we’ve all be there.. I mean we are in Starbucks.. they call out our order..

“…Lightly Squeezed, High Pulp, Low Fat Orange Juice with a hint of mint for…… Sissy Debut..”

And then WHAM..

People just STAMPEDE over to my table.. wanting pictures, hugs and to poke and prod around my body.. !!!

All this is FINE with me... because you don’t walk around looking like a Tranny all the time without expecting people to look….. and small children to ask their parents.. “Mommie why is she SO tall..” to which I kindly bend down and smile to say..

“Because she LOVES Jimmy Choo…… and she’s Big Bird’s cousin”..

God I LOVE children.. (really I do.. they are SOOO honest)

But anywho.. back to me..

People ask for advice.. they want tips… information. They want to know what to do, how to make it, how to make their lives as WONDERFUL as mine.

And for them I have 2 words..


You need friends! And you need the kind that are SUPPORTIVE, TALENTED, FUNNY, INSPIRING, BOLD, BRAVE and even CONNECTED..

The old saying “you are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with” is an OLD SAYING for a reason.. because it’s TRUE..

So if you are trying to succeed at ANYTHING.. take a look at who you’ve got around you.. are they lifting you up or are they bringing ya down…??

Most of my DEAREST and CLOSETS friends also double as Dress Makers, Photographers, Producers, Session Players, Make Up Artists and just general INSPIRATION… and they were friends first.. their talents just happened to be a SCORE!!! And I would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for them and them for I (and we have)… and I foster those relationships RELIGIOUSLY..

So REALLY think about the people you allow in your circle … REALLY try to incorporate new and affirming people into your life and NUTURE those connections.. before you know it.. you will have a team of peeps that can have you ready for the red carpet in less than 10 minutes. You’ll have peeps that will not only TELL you, you’ve got nasal projection visible… but the BEYATCHES will reach up there and get that mess OUT for you!!!..



Sissy Debut

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Know Fear???

I think the biggest fear in life is being made a FOOL OUT OF….by either yourself or OTHERS… I mean really when you think about the things in life, that you really want to do… what are the biggest reasons you don’t do them???

You are afraid to be made a FOOL OUT OF!!!!!

Why don’t middle age men walk around in thongs, when secretly they’d give anything to know how a warm summer breeze feels on their ball sack..???

Cause they are afraid people will think of them as FOOLS…

And why don’t middle age women by that sexy dress they want in the Victoria’s Secret catalog?? Just because it shows their caterpillar rolls??

Cause people will think of them as FOOLS!!!

I mean hell just cause people can’t see those rolls in that Martha Stewart sheet set she’s going to be wearing (you know what I’m talking about.. it looks like you just cut a hole in a twin sheet and stuck your head through it) don’t mean they ain’t there.

So I say FLAUNT it honey.. wear those rolls like a girl scout badge of honor.. screw what people think..

When I walk out the door in the morning.. ALL I’m THINKING????

Is “it’s a damn shame I can’t charge people #4.99 a minute to look my way..”

Cause I KNOW I look good.. PHAT or FAT …BLOATED or HAUTED!!!

But I’m just thankful that I had the best role model growing up, who taught me how to be fearless and proud of what made me happy… My GRANDMOTHER…

She would spend all day Saturday in her rollers and housecoat and drive all over town, while people POINTED and STARED… but she did she care..HELL NO..

She didn’t care because she was FEARLESS… !!!

Now GRANTED some people would say it was because she was CRAZY (having 10 kids can do that do ya)…. And SOME people would say it was a chemical imbalance because our family tree merged together one too many times.. but never the less she didn’t care what ANYBODY thought and she was HAPPY!!

I remember on Sunday morning.. people would GASP because she’d break a twenty in the offering plate.. but she didn’t care… she’d just say “Look I gave my husband my muffin, my work my time, my children my life… all I’ve got left for God is a FIVE dollar bill…”.. and then quickly tuck the change in her bra…

And it was little moments like that, which have helped me to RISE beyond the fear and pretense of societical boundaries and take the cow by the horns and just give em’ hell…

Cause honey this ride only goes around ONCE, you got to work it while you can..

So the next time you are backing down from something.. ask yourself WHY???

Are you afraid of it… ??

Do you think you aren’t worth it..??

Is someone making you feel inferior?

If so you just say FUDUCK it and do it any how.. if you fall on your face SO WHAT.. at least it will give you a conversation piece to talk to your friends about..


Sissy Debut…