Monday, September 13, 2010

Re-wind. Re-visit. Re-store

So today was a rough day as I dealt with the uncertainty of life and the loss of a light in the world.. but my angel (whom is FAMOUS for antics such as this).. dragged me out of bed.. and smacked the phrase that "if you WANT to sit out in your life.. God will provide your ass with a SEAT".. against my train of thought.. I took this saying to mean if you want to just be idle.. the universe will more than oblige..

I do not wish to be idle.. I wish to make a difference in the world.. I WISH to help those who need it.. LOVE those that need loved.. and humor those we need to LAUGH..

So I made a list of all the things I am BLESSED with..

Loved Ones
and the list got exceedingly longer as the day progressed... Laughter, The Sun, Cool Breeze.. living in LA.. etc. etc.

So with all this taken into account I realize no matter where we are or what we are facing.. if we take stock of what we already have.. it gives us a better perspective on what we have to face... that and a 90 minute hike does WONDERS for your spirit... :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reality Check..

Okay so I never SAID I was a great blogger.. these words never passed my lips.. and tomorrow will be TWO MONTHS exactly that I've posted a blog..and that is because.. of two things..
#1.. NO ONE was following/reading my blog.. LOL..
and more importantly #2 I've been a busy heffer.. !!! OKAY!!!
In the past two months
**I've landed a WONDERFUL manger who is AMAZING.. and an inspiration to be associated with..
** Produced shows
** Filmed for a webisode I'll be co-starring in
** Done photo shoots..
** Updated websites..
** Landed gigs for this year and next..
** Written TWO albums
** Designed clothes (look for a fashion line from yours truly next year)
** Had breakdowns and Breakthroughs..
** Renovated my living space.. and the list goes on and on..
And that's life.. but now that I have a home office up and running I'm going to in true Eat.Pray.Love try to share more with the blogging world..
But sadly I am reminded.. that NONE of these things really matter in the end.. Life is short and PRECIOUS.. and the moments we spend worrying about petty things or just non-life affirming things are fruitless.. as I received the news tonight that a friend of mine from the East Coast passed away suddenly..
So as I was spending my Sunday night feeling sorry for myself and down and out over my current lack of STARDOM and Dwindling BANK ACCOUNT.. someone was losing a child/partner/loved one.. and that not only makes me feel ashamed of myself.. but also reconnects me with how humble we should be and how EVERY moment in life is truly a thing to cherish.. you never know when it's yours or someone else you Love's last...
So as I remember my friend who was a true source of LIGHT in this world.. I try to celebrate not only the life he lived but also the gift of life we have ALL been given.. and all to often take for granted.. So take a deep breath and just thank our creator for the now!!! Fortune or Fame or NOT...