Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reality Check..

Okay so I never SAID I was a great blogger.. these words never passed my lips.. and tomorrow will be TWO MONTHS exactly that I've posted a blog..and that is because.. of two things..
#1.. NO ONE was following/reading my blog.. LOL..
and more importantly #2 I've been a busy heffer.. !!! OKAY!!!
In the past two months
**I've landed a WONDERFUL manger who is AMAZING.. and an inspiration to be associated with..
** Produced shows
** Filmed for a webisode I'll be co-starring in
** Done photo shoots..
** Updated websites..
** Landed gigs for this year and next..
** Written TWO albums
** Designed clothes (look for a fashion line from yours truly next year)
** Had breakdowns and Breakthroughs..
** Renovated my living space.. and the list goes on and on..
And that's life.. but now that I have a home office up and running I'm going to in true Eat.Pray.Love try to share more with the blogging world..
But sadly I am reminded.. that NONE of these things really matter in the end.. Life is short and PRECIOUS.. and the moments we spend worrying about petty things or just non-life affirming things are fruitless.. as I received the news tonight that a friend of mine from the East Coast passed away suddenly..
So as I was spending my Sunday night feeling sorry for myself and down and out over my current lack of STARDOM and Dwindling BANK ACCOUNT.. someone was losing a child/partner/loved one.. and that not only makes me feel ashamed of myself.. but also reconnects me with how humble we should be and how EVERY moment in life is truly a thing to cherish.. you never know when it's yours or someone else you Love's last...
So as I remember my friend who was a true source of LIGHT in this world.. I try to celebrate not only the life he lived but also the gift of life we have ALL been given.. and all to often take for granted.. So take a deep breath and just thank our creator for the now!!! Fortune or Fame or NOT...

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