Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is Age the new Race?

As I get further and further down the road of life, not only do I have more and more doctors (granted most are elective), but I also have less and less to talk about with people under the age of 22.  My witty reference points and ism’s are lost on the youth of today.  Apparently there was a major loss of pop culture in 1989, since everyone born after that has none. 

No longer can I say “We’re moving on up like George and “Weezy”.  I can no longer put my hand up mid conversation and blurt “Talk to the hand!” And forget passing around mix Cd’s of my “Best of” collection of 90’s Vag Rock, because no one under 22 knows who the freak Alanis Morissette is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with being ancient, it was something I always embraced, but what I’m left wondering is... is age the new race?

Let’s take Madonna for starters.  Madonna has been famous for being crude, lewd, provocative and shocking people with her body and live shows, it’s what got her press in the 80’s and it’s what gets her press in 2012.  So why do we say she should act her age?  She’s Madonna it’s what she does.  Granted I’m not her biggest fan, but I mean really?

Where is it written that at some point you have to stop being yourself just because you hit a certain number on a chart.  If a 22 year old lady of a certain caliber can flash her boobs to the masses, what is all the fuss about a 50 year old lady of the same caliber doing the same thing?  This is extremely alarming in the gay community, a community that’s been told to be “straight” for centuries and bucked against the notion.  If we tell people what their actions should be for a certain age, how can anyone get mad with they tell us how to act for a certain gender? Are “old” people the true last minority?